Trybike- 2 in 1 Kid's Bicycle

Trybike will be your little one's ride-on companion for years (15 months to 6 years!). Both the Trybike Wood and Trybike Steel are 2-in-1 adjustable toddler bikes that can be converted from a low tricycle to a two-wheel balance bike in line with your child's growth and development needs. The low trike fosters walking and gliding skills while the balance bike helps an adventurous toddler manage their coordination and balancing is designed in the Netherlands and uses the best materials to create durable toddler bikes that will last for years. We've now got the opportunity to experience Trybike in Australia! These bikes are equipped with pneumatic tyres for better grip, premium sealed cartridge ball bearings, and can be easily converted from a trike to a balance bike with the tools provided!

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