STOKKE Tripp Trap Chair

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Tripp Trapp elevates a child to the optimal and correct seating position. Designed to bring children closer to the table, the Tripp Trapp by Stokke allows the child to sit, eat and interact with other family members whilst seated. Sitting with mums and dads, the child can bond and develop language and social skills.



Tripp Trapp's design, including adjustability of the seat plate and footrest in height and depth, enables correct ergonomic sitting. Ergonomically correct seating position improves posture and support to a child’s developing spine whilst providing legs and feet with full freedom of movement for the adjusting and shifting of body weight.

Both the seat plate and footrest can be adjusted in height and depth. Helps the child be seated safe and comfortably from 6 months until teenage years. The Tripp Trapp highchair meets and complies with all international safety standards. Provides parents with the reassurance and peace of mind that their child is not only safe but also secure in the Tripp Trapp highchair.

Tripp Trapp is fitted with a height-adjustable seat plate. Elevates children to the correct height whilst seated, with elbows comfortably resting at table height. Tripp Trapp provides the ideal position for eating, playing and socialising around the family dinner table. 

The ability to adjust and raise Tripp Trapp to the correct elevated position at the table makes it easy for parents and their child to reach food, toys and utensils. Reduces strain for everyone. Tripp Trapp is made from strong and resilient beech wood, which contributes to higher safety.

Tripp Trapp only requires the umbraco key to assemble and adjust. Enables easy assembly, disassembly, and chair adjustment as the child grows. Protects Tripp Trapp with a high-quality coating. Provides a smooth and resistant surface. Tripp Trapp's protective coating reduces scratches and makes the highchair easier to clean and maintain.

The absence of a tray makes it possible to bring the Tripp Trapp into the table. Bringing the child to the table enhances communication between parents and kids.

Please note: chair only accessories sold separately

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