SnüzKot Skandi Cot

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SnüzKot Skandi

With a sleek design and dripping in Scandinavian style, the SnüzKot Skandi makes the perfect centrepiece for any contemporary nursery.

Sleep, it’s something we all cherish…but when you become a parent it can take on a whole new meaning! We believe that when it comes to a happy parent and child, it starts with a good night’s sleep. That’s why we created the world of Snüz, so we could shout out loud... but not too loud (!), about sleep.

Snuz was created in 2014 with the vision of providing stylish sleep solutions for parents, starting with the now iconic and award-winning bedside crib, SnuzPod. Since then we've grown to lead the way in baby sleep and have expanded our offering to include nursery furniture, sleeping bags, sleep aids and mattresses.

Superior quality and stylish design is at the heart of Snuz producing products that parents are proud of and that make a real difference in helping provide a better sleep.

Converts from birth to approximately 10 years.
Please note the SnüzKot comes in 4 boxes

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