Sensory Hedgehog Toy Board

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The Tooky Toy Sensory Hedgehog Stacking Sorter is not just a toy; its a captivating sensory adventure for young minds. This engaging game is meticulously designed to enhance memory processing, recall, and the sense of touch in a playful manner. Crafted from high-quality timber, each wooden round block boasts unique textures and materials to stimulate exploration. With ten distinct wooden blocks and a charming hedgehog-shaped board, children are encouraged to match the blocks to their corresponding fabric or colour, promoting memory and sensory development. The entire set is constructed with the utmost attention to safety, featuring child-safe, non-toxic paint, making it ideal for worry-free playtime. The Tooky Toy Sensory Hedgehog Stacking Sorter is a delightful blend of learning and fun, providing young learners with an enriching sensory experience.

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