Maxi Cosi Pria LX - Compact with Smartlock & NEW Air Protection

Maxi-Cosi ® have reinvented the car seat, making it safer and easier to use. Every day.

The best convertible car seat in Australia is the all NEW Maxi-Cosi® Pria car seat.

Designed with ease of use, safety and comfort in mind, the Maxi-Cosi® Pria offers a range of innovative features perfect for parents who want the best for their baby from birth. Pria changes the way parents use their child car seats with the introduction of the SMART Guide®, making travelling with your child easier. Every day.

The SMART Guide® is an all-new Australian -designed and engineered innovation, transforming the way parents use car seats by re-routing the top tether on a rearward facing car seat. Traditionally, top tethers can act as a barrier when getting your baby into a car seat, forcing parents to loosen and retighten the top tether every time they use the seat.

The compact design of Pria conceals an abundance of features including, SMART Lock installation, 11 position head-rest, 3D mesh coupled with inbuilt ventilation for superior comfort, Air Protect® Superior Side Impact Protection and one-hand adjustments. Premium plush fabrics and newborn insert provide additional comfort and support for your baby. Every day.

Did you know that 40%* of car seats are installed incorrectly? The SMART Guide® holds the top tether in place, lowering the risk of misuse from poor installation or not re-engaging the top tether once your child is in the seat. This makes it safer for you and your baby.

The SMART Guide® removes the barrier restricting your access to the seat. The SMART Guide® system makes it easier and more convenient to get your child in and out of the car seat removing the need to loosen the top tether.

The SMART Guide® system makes Pria easy to use, every day, for Australia’s most popular parenting car category: SUVs. SUV’s often have high rear seat backs, which can make it challenging to lift your baby into their seat. The SMART Guide® overcomes this challenge, by removing the barrier of the top tether, making it easier for parents to place their child into their car seats safely. By removing this barrier, the SMART Guide® can also reduce the risk of injury to your back or strain on your body, especially after having a baby.

Australian-engineered and designed, the SMART Guide® is a world first. The designers of this system understand the needs and challenges of parents and carers, which has led to the creation of a system that is both safe and convenient to use.

Maxi-Cosi Pria sets a new standard for convertible car seats, prioritising both safety and comfort. It boasts the flattest recline angle in the industry, which offers a unique Zero Gravity recline for rearward-facing mode, enhancing the comfort for your baby. This recline ensures a more comfortable fit in a wider range of cars. Experience enhanced safety and superior comfort with Maxi-Cosi Pria car seat.

Extended rearward facing markers up to 30 months ensure a safer journey for longer for your baby. Every day


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