Gumboots & Puddleboots starting from $39.95

Discover the perfect blend of style, functionality, and fun with gumboots from Pretty Brave, Hatley, Korango, and Cry Wolf, starting from $39.95. These brands are celebrated for their unique approaches to designing children’s footwear that stands up to rainy weather while appealing to young imaginations.

Pretty Brave offers a range of Puddle Boots that is combine with a modern design with high-quality craftsmanship. Known for their lightweight and durable construction, Pretty Brave boots are a trendy one colors that delight both children and parents. Best for light, casual use in shallow water. They are shorter, more flexible, and often feature fun designs for kids. Ideal for urban or mild wet weather conditions.

Hatley is a beloved Canadian brand, infuses their gumboots with a touch of whimsy and vibrant charm. Known for their waterproof durability and eye-catching prints, Hatley gumboots turn wet weather into an adventure with designs that include fun animals and bright, engaging patterns. These boots are perfect for kids who love to explore, providing a practical yet playful footwear option.

From Australia, Korango presents a delightful selection of gumboots that emphasize both style and reliability. Their boots are crafted with child-friendly designs and vibrant colors, ensuring a cheerful approach to rainy day attire. With a focus on durability and comfort, Korango gumboots are ideal for children who enjoy splashing in puddles while staying dry and comfortable.

New Zealand’s Cry Wolf brand stands out with their commitment to contemporary design and eco-friendly materials. Their gumboots are made from natural rubber and feature unique, modern prints that appeal to both children and environmentally conscious parents. These waterproof and flexible boots offer a sustainable choice that doesn’t skimp on style or functionality, making them perfect for any outdoor adventure.

Each of these brands brings a unique flair to children’s gumboots, ensuring that from $39.95, you can find the ideal pair that combines practicality with a touch of fun for your child’s rainy day escapades

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